Anonymous identifies the NYPD officer who maced two innocent protestors then walked away (video). 

internet will find you. hopefully internet won’t hurt you or your family tho.

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now: a purported screenshot from “Nigeria and Germany’s World Cup game” that, thanks to some poorly placed country abbreviations, spells out a pretty vile epithet. It’s so, so fake, for so many obvious reasons.

Examples of people who neglected to do some basic factchecking here, here, here, here and here.

It’s painfully easy to look up Germany’s World Cup matches, and what do you know? No Nigeria on their schedule!

But that’s actually a meaningless quibble, because the alleged screenshot doesn’t even show the Nigerian team at all. Those clearly aren’t Nigeria’s colors, or their flag. It’s actually the flag and kit of Niger, a completely different nation. (In addition, Nigeria is abbreviated NGA by FIFA.)

So, okay, now you’re feeling a little dumb, but Nigeria, Niger, what’s the difference? In their 102 years of existence, the German National Team has never once played Niger. Go ahead. Look it up yourself.

Florida Highway Patrol Denies Tiger Woods Search Warrant Rumors by TMZ

I can’t believe that police investigators have to take the time to deny TMZ reporting. Next week we’re going to hear CHP had to deny reports Paris Hilton had white drops on her …  bad example, but you get my point.

It is not entirely beyond the sleaze that is Harvey Levin to make up news.  If you watch TMZ carefully, they put the "fake" news stories a few days before they then refute with "real news" a few day later.