Earthquake 2011 Mixtape (click the photo to get it) - East Coast, relax. Put on some jamz. If you missed my last one, enjoy it here.

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Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline

Happy Opening Day (tomorrow) Red Sox Fans!

Now begins my unabashed hat for everyone wearing a Yankees hate until November.

Played 13059 times.

Get that weak shit outta here Cleveland.

Fuck the Lakers.

6-0. We’re back.

Let’s go C’s!






Leon Powe goes off in Game 2 against the Lake show.

Source: NBA Channel on YouTube

Obviously, I’m me, but whoever stole my identity in Jamaica, New York is not me. Thanks Washington Mutual for calling me about two $10 charges yesterday but not calling me about three seperate $100 charges from a gas station in Jamaica, New York.

You’re worthless, but I now can take videos with my iPhone so I’m not as mad as I could be.

Oh… and smh @ Scalabrini getting his t-shirt game up next to the Kid “KG”.